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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  October 17, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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it is yours and mine. monday morning, taking a live look outside right now. somewhere in all of that jazz is swatzilla. j.j. and i recently had an exciting adventure it was before eating bad sushi. find out how it went in mere moments. >> that's true. when you showed up, you warned me, i've had bad sushi. >> spicy. welcome in. i'm shawn tempesta. >> good morning. happy monday. i'm j.j. snyder. >> what were you up to this weekend? >> i was in los angeles. it was beautiful. >> i saw you hanging with the
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with my husband and my dogs, and then i go back and i -- as often happens in las vegas, one of my good friends was in town visiting, from my hometown. i subsequent the afternoon with her and it was so much fun. >> this is the cool thing about living in las vegas. there are people that like you and people that love you. the people that love you will visit you anyway. there is the people that like you, the people that you're friends with, will they visit probably not. but it's vegas. you get so many accidental visitors. it's lovely. >> you have to be careful when you choose a house here, if you have a guest room or two guest rooms, that's a big decision because people will visit you. >> i explicitly live 20 minutes away from the strip for a reason. yeah -- >> this is a friend who would visit me anywhere, a great
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>> you got the same jacket. >> we do. >> you're starting -- >> we got matching jackets. she is like do you mind if i get it? and i'm like are we kidding? in high school -- oh, wow. this is my good friend, molly. she is one of the most fun people on the planet. and it's like high school, we wore the same lip stick, same pink, and all the same cloths, so high school continues. >> i like it. >> i know. >> i slept in as long as humanly possible sunday, and we went on a photo shoot with my wife and i because she is still pregnant and we wanted pregnancy pictures. and she is still pregnant by that much. so now would be the time to get them done. we went to boulder city where we got married two years ago from tomorrow. we got married in boulder city, and we got dinner at -- where did we go? fantastic. we had such a great time, really. it was an amazing -- it's got a
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delicious. >> that's one of my favorite properties. i love that. how nice. what do you choose to wear? i'm sure marsha was showing off the bump. >> of course. she was bumping it. i showed off my bump. how to get rid of mine in a month. that's the problem. >> oh -- >> we're going jogging -- >> we saw you in the tights last week. you may got a bump but you got dance >> a couple weeks ago j.j. and i decided to tackle one of the city's most daring attracts. >> totally on my bucket list. we had the opportunity to do it together. >> we came out like an army and wanted to show you our first j.j. and shawn take on vegas.
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>> no way! >> holy crap. >> shawn and i have -- careful with that thing. we are going to fly for the first time. >> this is my first swatzilla experience. >> it's called the zoom. >> why are we doing the upper? >> because we want to go hard. >> speak for yourself, woman. >> yes. going to go in. are you ready? >> you want to do lik paper scissors? >> here we go. ready? one, two, three, shoot. and i choose to defer. >> cool. >> i'm supposed to go first. are you ready? i'm in. >> how many of the rides have
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>> i need a flying name. do people get flying names? >> it's usually things like wtf, you know, variations of that. shawn, i'm worried about your mouth. >> i am not sworn on "the morning blend" yet, but thanks to the power of editing, you will not hear the swearing. >> can we do this? we're going in. are you going? i love you, las vegas. wow! no way.
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oh, my god. oh, yes. shawn, shawn, shawn. >> ready? >> nope. turn on the dramatic music. oh, god. i'm not a religious man, but now is the sometime. here we go. what have i done? i love you. bye. my god. holy crap. holy crap. holey crap. oh, wow, we are going fast. oh, this is great. i parked at the plaza. this is going to be super simple. was not expecting that.
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>> we sure did that. that was good. you looked so wonderful hanging there. >> did that harness really show off my posterior? it's a hot look. we had fun on the show two weeks ago. celebrated the million flyer. we have to thank our crew that helped make this happen. >> jason harvey and steve, they were amazing. they brought just so much equipment, and they made that happen. >> thank you to them and scott and leslie. >> yes, leslie. >> and you have watched me now at my most frightening moment. that is until about a month from
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wife. that's -- >> it is -- >> i can't wait until our next adventure. that was good times. >> hopefully it's not that high. coming up next on "the morning blend," special performance from kelly holmes and sunny charles. where you can see them live. >> can't wait to hear them. you're watching "the morning blend." stay with us.
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sunny charles and sunny turner will come together for a dynamic concert happening at the henderson pavilion, for the performance of the sunny side of the strip. will feature a 30 piece orchestra. >> how cool is that. here to wake us up with r&b and
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and the former lead singer of the checkmates, mr. sunny charles. >> hello. >> hollow everybody else. >> tell us about the sunny side of the strip. >> it's a idea that was conceived by marianna lango. he came up with this idea the sunny side of the strip. sunny turnernd friends for decades, and so finally, we put the show together with -- joining in with this lovely lady here, who i've known for decades. >> you called me the other day, you said she is the glue, same the glue. i'm the host. i'm hosting the show. singing a couple songs, but setting up the beautiful gentlemen who are both iconic
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, the real deal. he kind of got a bridge of notes, but he's like the little engine that could. he produced lots of shows all over the place, but this is the first home grown one and he put these two gentlemen together. >> it's going to be a really special night. >> not only is he a great musician singing but the -- to have the orchestra as expect, phenomenal. >> yes, with the philhmo which is really grat, you know, the singers, we love to do that when you got everything live. i've done it with recordings where you have the full orchestra, but to do it live is special. >> and it's real. it's produced right there. 30 piece orchestra in the u.s., this sunday night. it's going to be something. >> live musicians. we get used to -- you hear the real strings, and the real
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gosh, nothing like that. it's magical. >> can we call this the battle of the sonnies? >> no, we've gone through the battles. >> i want him to do as well as i can, and you know, we're past that, but you know, if you -- >> that's what i'm saying. >> i t sonnys and a kelly. son any clinton holmes. >> you're going to perform for us now. what are you going to perform? >> right now? >> yes, right at the moment. >> the song called there was always something there to remind me.
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>> i love that. thank you so great to have you. >> you are altogether. >> harmony. >> love it. >> on the sonny side, at the henderson pavilion. regular tickets $20. for $50 you can get orchestra streets that includes a meet and greet autographed photo. get tickets online.
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screen or get them in person at the box office. >> absolutely. you can like or follow us. >> i think you just made it. you can find us at vegas morning
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catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. narrator: 2013: joe heck votes to shut down the government, risking vital services for thousands of nevada seniors and veterans. but as federal employees like air traffic controllers worked 16 days without pay, joe heck continues to cash his paycheck... even as 244 members of congress refused their pay. joe heck says he deserves it.
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welcome back. losing weight is far from easy. and many times once unwanted pounds are lost it just so happens, they're found again. our next guest says you can lose three to seven pounds. >> back again is dr. kathleen nash. good morning to you both. >> good morning. good to see you. >> five to seven pounds, what
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>> there we go. fair enough. >> either way it's amazing results that you're getting. >> yes. >> we always start off by saying you started off as a chiropractor, but you have found this amazing formula for weight loss. >> unbelievably amazing because when i tried to lose weight i was fat since i was eight. i was always told i had to starve myself and i had to work out an incredible amount to make it and every time i did it it would come right back on. and i ended up dieting to my top weight, which is that one right there, size 20 to 22, thousand 30 pounds. this is with working out. i was still at that point working out two to five times a week. i was working out then. >> it's a struggle. it's -- when you're not happy with your weight, it's all
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it's like really probably every other thought i. >> when you're thinking you're doing everything you're supposed to do, you're eating the right foods, and that's what i hear from my client, i'm doing all the right things but my body won't change. it's because the metabolic damage is in the body and you don't know, it's always going to be difficult and it's always going to be temporary. and that's why 95% of us gain it back within a one year time period. >> we want to cut that down. let's talk about metabolic factors. >> the five metabolic factors, if the body is too toxin, we're eating too much but we're not getting enough nutrition from the food so the body keeps making us hungry. the longer we're at any weight we're at, we retrain the hypothalamus that the number we're sitting at is the goal weight. if the body is too acidic it's going to grave all of the crap
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get away from and that makes you gain the weight back. and there are eight different hormones that are low or imbalanced, if they're not imbalanced properly you can't lose it to begin with. >> we're learning that total is an acronym. >> that took you a while. >> i saw you nodding over there while tell us about your experience. you went through her program. >> i started about six months ago, and the first 30 days i lost 30 pounds. >> no way. awesome. in a day. >> 11 pounds around my mid section, up to now i lost 70 pounds. >> wow. >> look at that. oh, my gosh. >> no kidding, legit. >> look at you in that gym getting it done. oh, that's so exciting. >> how long were you trying to get rid of all that fat beforehand? >> years.
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like dr. nash said, i'm in the gym five, six days a week and nothing changes. >> and people say it's calories in, calories out. and it's not always that. >> no, it's not. >> what's been the key for you? >> the program. >> okay. so a combination of the five factors she just talked about? >> right. the gym part was easy. that's the icing on the cake. but the thing for me was the actual program, getting in and doing what she told >> i think the one thing that when people see stuff where it's like hey, you can lose weight, people think i'm going to hate this whole process. it's going to be -- i'm going to be starving, miserable. were you starving and miserable? >> no, not at all. it was easy. >> you were see can results? >> yes. usually what we'll hear when people decide they want to find out if i can help them, i have to have an evaluation with you
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i can't do it over the phone. i really need to sit with you and figure out what's been stopping you. but when we start applying the factors that are stopping you from getting to where you want to be, we incorporate it in your lifestyle, so derrick liked working out so we kept that in for him. not everybody does. >> nor do they have to. >> they don't have to. so now he was able to work out just as hard as he always did but he wasn't hungry and wasn't craving and he was getting what he wanted, which was seeing results from his hard effort in the nothing is more frustrating than working so hard and seeing little change. >> what has been the best part of the transformation? i'm really happy for you, i am. when you see somebody who is able to make a change -- >> i feel it -- i feel good in my skin. it's been so long since i was able to actually be comfortable being me. >> beyond happy for you. i know there is a special offer
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evaluation. tell us about it. >> i have to actually sit with you personally to see if i can help you because not everybody has these issues. normally it's a $50 fee. if they mention they saw it on "the morning blend" i'll reduce it to $19 evaluation. >> fantastic. congratulations. that is so cool. i'm proud of you. it's great having you. >> thanks for helping people achieve their goals. like dr. nash mentioned, don't forget if you say you saw it on "the morning blend" your standard consultation fee will be only $19. it's usually $50. dr. nash's office is located on horizon ridge parkway. for more information give her office a call or visit her website. >> i need to see the shirtless pic after. next time. stick with us. more to come on the blend in just minutes.
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it's no secret i absolutely love my dogs. if you're like plea you want the best for your pet. ville verde is here to give your animal first class care. >> here is dr. jonathon snead, owner of valle verde animal hospital. we've had you on before. what sets you aside from all the other practices in town? >> well, valle verde we believe in boutique style animal hospital. we provide the best amount of care at the lowest cost and lowest volume. when you come in you spend as much time with the doctor as you
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answered. when you leave you are guaranteed that you understand what's going on before you leave that hospital. so we just love the client education. we love giving back to the community. that's what makes us different. >> that's awesome. >> i appreciate that, because i've been into some larger -- you get one different person at the desk, one person walks you back to the room, then you see two people in the room, and i am so protective of my pet one-on-one communication. >> and that's what we pride ourselves on. not only that, but being there for the life of the pet. not going and seeing a different doctor, not having your doctor move to a different state. each time you go in, you're going to see the same person. you're going to see the same veterinarian. that means a lot to us. >> what are your specialties or for take in medicine? >> for me in medicine i love surgery. i laugh because i love surgery. i love surgery. we can go in there and fix
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i love internal medicine, but surgery is my one love. we do see exotics, as well. me, i'm a big exotics person. i love snakes. i love bearded dragons. those are my two favorites. but we love -- we love exotics, and surgery is my number one specialty. >> wow, i -- i didn't know you had exotic animals come in. >> people bring in their snakes for a check up? >> and they say? >> it can be different things. they can have some of the same problems we would have. if you see rats, they can bite the snake and cause abscesses. >> no way. >> so while they're trying to constrict, bite them on their belly, boom. they got an abscess. >> that is unique indigestion. >> yup. that's a. s. >> what other kind of exotic animals have you had? >> we had argentina iguana.
9:32 am
one time i saw a beta fish. >> what was wrong with the fish? >> the fish was actually sick. it wasn't eating for two weeks. just come to find out the water temperature was too low. comes down to exotics. that's why it's so important for us to have communication, because exotics are about how you take care of them at home, the right heat source, humidity. we're trying to create an artificial environment for these guys that they don't normally live on. >> go back to the fake ones. >> they always die. >> they do. they require a very specific environment. >> yes, ma'am. >> this is so interesting. you said you love surgery. i know there has been a lot of advances in veterinary surgery in the last ten years. what is exciting that you couldn't have done a decade or two ago? >> honestly, for me one of the best things that i've seen and that we've had the opportunity
9:33 am
and removing foreign bodies without having to cut the belly. you're going in with a scope, you see everything, you grab it, pull it out. it's like a video game. you go in there and -- >> really complicated game. >> exactly. you say that jokingly but when they eat certain things it's hard to grip it and grab it and it will slide off. but that's why it's so important to make sure that they aren't eating legos. >> can we talk about the craziest an animal's stomach? >> oh, no. >> yeah. so there was a kitty that had swallowed a sexual -- >> i knew it. >> device. >> and it blocked up the intestinal track so we had to remove it. >> do you have something a little more pg to tell us? >> yes. the next thing is underwear. the interesting thing when we took the underwear out and
9:34 am
wasn't the right size. >> no. >> no! >> needless to say we had the police there and everything like that. >> no kidding. >> it was a little extreme. >> there is a great special going on there. >> yes. we have the $149 dental special, which includes blood work, and includes the physical exam, the anesthesia, also includes the we also are offering the free exams for second opinions. >> awesome. >> second opinions on surgery, second opinions on medical cases, pancreatitis. >> you always give free consultations? >> if you're yelp, you can get the free consultation. we have a $200 voucher on yelp.
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>> thank you, doctor. >> thank you. >> thank you for the stories. don't forget the special consultation, free consultation and second opinion on all surgeries. the $149 dental cleaning special and 20% off necessary dental extracts. >> valle verde animal hospital located on valle verde drive. if you want to find out more, call number or head to the website on your screen. if you learned anything today, do you know someone who makes a difference in the community? recognize them with the "give back" award. >> go to, click on the "give back" award. stay with us. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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and congressman hardy said he supported trump 100%. like trump, hardy opposed legislation to ensure equal pay. and hardy fought to defund planned parenthood, just like trump. ruben kihuen respects women. kihuen fought for equal pay for equal work. and ruben kihuen will protect our right to make our own health decisions.
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welcome back to "the morning blend." for the next few weeks students are learning something many adults haven't answered. >> here to tell us is michelle jackson, president of junior achievement of southern nevada. good morning, michelle. we are very excited by this idea. tell us about your junior achievement and your mission. >> we focus on teaching students in three critical areas, in our opinion, and that is how to be smart with their money and credit, how to be ready to join the workforce and how to think like business people or entrepreneurs. and finance park is one of over 20 programs that we offer. and we use this program to reach eighth graders by allowing them to become an adult for the day.
9:39 am
is given to them. it's all randomly assigned. and the students come in with 1t they've had in the classroom and get to implement it in a real life scenario. so the life scenario that they're given is random. they don't get to choose. they find out how old they are, if they are married, if they are kids, how much money they make, what education they have to they have and they have to take that and build a one month balanced budget over 24 categories that. >> brilliant. generally here is how we learn about finances. we go out of school, make vicious mistakes, and we learn maybe not to make those mistakes. we're trying to stop the mistakes from happening in the first place. how do you select the schools to take part? >> junior achievement has schools with he work with on a regular basis in a feeder
9:40 am
many of the schools that we're in have high, free and reduced lunch rates, which means the kids are coming from areas of our community that are a little less privileged. we work with private school, as well. but primarily we are just trying to fill up the days that we have so that we can reach as many kids as possible while we're open. >> it's such a neat idea to give kids a hands on practical experience. it's one thing to sit there and read it in a book, right? paper and say this is you, go for it. >> it's not a solving for x thing. this is solving for this person and their specific situation. >> yes. >> makes it more real. >> and what ends up happening the students have their own budget in their life scenario that they're managing, but they're at a table with other kids that have different life scenarios, so you have one student that only graduated from
9:41 am
another making $100,000 and they're single, and they can get the porshe. >> notice the $100,000 they're never driving the corolla, perhaps. >> no. >> we understand you would like to grow the program. and also that people can actually come down and be part of the -- >> we need 15 to 20 every day. the finance park is open. we open on october 12th. every day that kids are in clark county schools we have children in the park. so we have a lot of individuals that come volunteer their time. we have company that will adopt a day at finance park and their whole team comes down. and it's such an easy ask for volunteering, because you show up that morning about an hour before the students arrive. we train you, which is really
9:42 am
you got your group of six to eight eighth graders that you're going to hang out with for the next four hours, and you're going through the life scenario with them, helping them build their budget, asking the important questions like hey, did you learn child care costs this much? >> i'm learning it costs a lot. >> i bet your volunteers are like this is a good reminder. >> yes. exactly. >> we actually have a surprise for you. we have a gentleman who very much. the general manager, tom porter. >> good morning, michelle. always great to see you. >> what's -- >> we have cardboard, on behalf of the scripps foundation we would like to kick in $1,500. >> wow. >> for junior achievement. >> oh, my gosh. this is amazing. >> thank you.
9:43 am
you need funding to continue the program. >> definitely. thank you so much. >> you obviously are the money guy here at channel 13. you learned a thing or two about balancing a budget. what makes you gravitate towards junior achievement? >> i have two teenagers and i'm fortunate to be able to talk to them about money a lot. and i think everybody should have that opportunity. i think we're blessed to have people in our community like junior achievement that invest in making finance. and i think everybody should have that opportunity. i'm glad that the foundation helped. so we're glad that we can be here for you. >> thank you very much. >> and what does this mean for you, this money? >> you know, it costs junior achievement about $50 per student to go through finance park. that includes a curriculum, transportation, getting the kids down to the park, feeding our volunteers while they're there.
9:44 am
students. >> 300. you tell me. there we go. >> okay. >> i think shawn and i need to come down. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for joining us. >> glad to be here. >> thanks, michelle. capital one and junior achievement finance park runs through d it's from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to find out more about it and the great work the organization does, just head to the website or call the number on your screen. again, thank you to the howard
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welcome back to the blend. yes, the magical time of year, the medicare annual open enrollment period began over the weekend. from now until december 7th is the time for seniors to make needed changes to their plan. southwest medical have numerous facilities in las vegas and want to make sure that their senior patients are up to date on all the options available to them. here to remind us what open enrollment period about, the medical director medical. great having you. >> my pleasure. >> every year around this time. >> it's open enrollment. >> explain what open enrollment is and why it's so crucial for seniors. >> it's really important for seniors to understand this. the open enrollment is an annual period where patients can make a choice to select their primary care doctors and to select the medicare or make changes to their existing medicare advantage plan for the year. >> you're not able to do this in march or april.
9:48 am
>> we hear the words "star rating." >> oh, yes. >> year in and year out. what are star ratings and what do they mean? >> this is really big for us. medicare uses the star rating from the scale of one to five. five being the highest that you can get overall. and the plans are rated based on the -- the metrics and how they perform, such as customer satisfaction, how plans prevent -- manage the chronic conditions of patients and how they screen and prevent chronic conditions from even happening to begin with. basically medicare stamp of approval of how well a health plan actually performs on a scale, so the good news is i am very excited to make this announcement, is that, yes, drum roll, as of last week, senior dimensions actually achieved a
9:49 am
>> phenomenal. >> it's phenomenal, amazing. >> congratulations. >> thanks so much. >> obviously the star ratings bill down to hey, easy way for me to look at the stars and see how this plan would work. >> exactly. >> there are other factors to keep in mind. what should we look at? >> you want to have a good relationship with your provider. southwest medical, if you're a patient there or member of senior dimensions you have access in primary care and specialties, with access to network providers. almost 230 providers across the valley. we have 30 different locations in las vegas, and we also have a lot of care services, such as home health services, palliative care, hospice. these are all programs that are designed to improve the quality of life for our patients when
9:50 am
conditions, or even material i falcons. >> and i know there are some people that might be a member already. >> yes. >> or people that might be a member of a different medicare advantage plan. what do you say to those people? >> if they are a member of a different health plan, they have to choose a primary care doctor at southwest, or also use the open enrollment time to enroll and be a member of senior dimensions for the following year. >> so people that might be 70, 75, they have been thr enrollment is this old hat, simple. for people just turning 65 they're just aging in, this can be an incredibly daunting time. >> this is a good time for them. it's a good time for them to look at the benefits. it's the time to look at the options that they have for the following year. and one thing they have to do is between now and august 7th they have to contact the resources and become a member. december 7th. >> august 7th, that would be
9:51 am
we would love that. not the case. so if you already have a doctor with southwest medical you would probably prefer to keep that doctor. >> absolutely. >> that's why you need to ask your doctor how do i get to keep you through this change. >> yes. yes. you don't have to make any changes. just stay with the plan and they'll be fine. >> so how do we move forward on open enrollment? >> the best thing to do is watch out for mailers. this is really important. the health plan will be sending them information in the mail, open them, sit down, review your options, and coverage, and really pay attention because you can actually get a good quality care at the low cost with southwest medical, and also use the telephone number, call that number that you have on the screen there so that you can ask questions and make the right decisions. >> and it's coming as a mailer. >> absolutely. if you get an e-mail saying you give us social security you're all set probably not legit. you want to make sure it comes
9:52 am
>> absolutely. >> open enrollment underway right now. you have until december 7th to enroll or make changes. if you need any help southwest medical is here to help and happy to do so. you want more information on them, call the number or visit on website on your screen. to learn more about southwest medical and find a location near you that location is on your screen. like them, follow them, and j.j. over to you. >> thank you, june. shawn. now time for our sleep tip mattress. having dinner the same time each night will help your whole body keep on track. if you must eat before bed, try a little snack rather than a full meal. a good rule to follow is eat your last meal two to three hours before bedtime. for more information on better best they have locations in las vegas, mesquite, saint
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they're also on facebook. the sleep tip of the day is sponsored by best mattress. you're watching "the morning switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream...
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...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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welcome back. she has an impressive home collection at jc >> and a new husband. very exciting. she has added beautiful bed and bath products to her line. let's take a look at some of the new items. >> actress eva longoria her bedding and bath designs to the exclusively at j. c. penney. we caught up with the beauty at l.a. to learn about it. >> i love being in my home. i love cooking.
9:56 am
reading. so if you really think about the places you spend the more time in your life is hopefully your home. when i couldn't afford any curtains or bedding sets, i would make them and sew them and sew curtains. that's what inspired me to say one day i would love to do a home collection because i was so literate on textiles, on stitching, on beading, on adornments, and so for me it was a natural extension of what i wanted to do. >> the actress turned hostess with tips. >> when somebody wants to change up their house or bedroom, it doesn't have to be a remodel, like you can change the bedding and it changes the entire room. you can change your curtains, it changes the entire room. whether it's the coloring or the patterns, so there is a very affordable way to create change in your bedroom. >> she says the key essential is an at home escape for the moments when you need a break. >> i am a huge bath taker. i probably take bath four times
9:57 am
like experience in my home. i buy bath salt. i light candles. i always have fresh flowers in the house. there's so many things you can do in your home that make it so comfy and cozy, and really truly my home is an escape. and that's how i like it to feel. >> her new items range from $7.99 to $29.99 in stores or online at j. c. what else is the star up to? >> people waste more time they think. i mean, really not a time waster. i am a very efficient -- i love to use every minute of every day. i learned to prioritize in the moment what is most important right now. >> in la, i'm lisa mennin. >> today on the view, clay a kin, remember him? he's talking one on one with supporters at a trump rally. do your deal with the hottest items at affordable prices, today at 10:00 right after us.
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cancer. the 5k that makes a difference in young people's lives. plus, inside the -- you have opportunities at villages magical forest.
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>> announcer: it's your cure for the mondays 'cause "the view" is live. get a totally different view when "celebrity apprentice" alum clay aiken goes deep into the trump territory to hear why he's got their vote. >> when he says something, he stands for it and he doesn't back down. plus rob and blac chyna face reality. how far they're willing to go to and it's life hacks for less when you "view your deal." we've partnered with vendors for half off clever solutions that will slim you down, transform your place, and save a ton on your grocery bill. the house of "hot topics" is in session with whoopi, candace cameron-bure, joy behar, sara haines, and jedediah bila. now, let's get things started.


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